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Try This Project | Agnes PJ's

Try This Project | Agnes PJ's

Hi! Kylie here 👋

I finally finished my Agnes PJs from Paper Theory; a project I started earlier this year for summer wear, but missed the boat! Now that the weather is warming up here in Australia, I thought it was time to prioritise this project and cannot wait to starting wearing them!

In total, making the Agnes PJs took approx. 8 hours; the shorts were super quick to make with the top taking a little longer as it is more detailed. The key elements of this pattern were sewing an elastic waistband, and sewing a button-up shirt with facings and a one piece collar. 

As with all Paper Theory patterns, I always learn something new! When making the Agnes PJs I learned how to make a lapel point which is pretty cool. The instructions show you how to clip and press the seam allowance and where to understitch the collar so that it sits nicely where it folds. How great is it to learn something new when working on a new sewing project?

The fabric is a Nani Iro cotton gauze from Maai Design which is incredibly soft and cosy. 

The featured label is from our 2021 Advent Calendar and I am feeling the message today - YAY indeed! (note this is not our current calendar - those labels are still a secret!)

I would highly recommend this project as the instructions are thorough and the cut of the pattern itself is great. Plus, as a little bonus, the top from this set would make for a great everyday button shirt so don't limit it to just night wear!

- Kylie xo

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