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An Interview With Mel Stringer...💖

An Interview With Mel Stringer...💖

Meet the fabulous Mel Stringer, our latest artist collaborator, who created the very playful artwork for our soon-to-be-released collection, 'Feeling Yourself', launching on 11th July 2022. 

We sent Mel some questions so you could all get to know her a little better and fall even more in love with her and her work...


Q: What is your favourite medium for your art?

My favorite medium right now would be iPad, Apple Pencil and procreate. Traditionally, my favorite medium is paper and fountain pen or biro.

Q: Who are your fav artists that inspire you? 

I’m currently really inspired by talented artists creating charming, cute and quick sketches or jotted down type drawings. I’m pretty picky to be perfectly honest but when I see something I like, I really like it. A few to mention would be Natasha Allegri, Little Thunder and Bee Booties.

Q: What are some of your fav things you like to draw?

I like to draw comics about my life, it’s a great therapy. When it comes to fully fledged art pieces I enjoy drawing cute and cool women wearing stuff I wish I felt like wearing.

Q: Tell us about your artist journey...

My dad is a cartoonist so from a young age I was encouraged to be creative. I was the drawing kid all through school. 

When I left school I took a year off to do layout of a youth newspaper / magazine and then traveled from Darwin to Brisbane to study visual arts at Tafe.

Since then I’ve done a lot of freelance work, done exhibitions, creates zines, collaborated with some great brands and traveled for my art practice.

Q: What would you love to tell the sewing community about this collection?

I hope these tags make you feel cute and are the finishing touch on whatever you’ll be attaching these to!

- Mel Stringer

To learn more about Mel and see her other amazing illustrations, head to the links below...

💖 shopmelstringer.com

💖 @melstringer

💖 @shopmelstringer


These are so cute and body-positive!

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