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New Label Packaging FAQs

New Label Packaging FAQs

Q. There's 6 labels in a pack, and there used to be 10 for the same price?

A. There is. Here's why:

~ The truth is, our labels were the 'right' price back in 2019. In the past couple of years, we've endured poor exchange rate, increased shipping and raw material costs. It is not sustainable for us to continue offer our labels in this format.

Changing the quality of the labels is out of the question. Our options were to either put the current 10 label pack format to $20-$25 AUD per pack or reduce the number of labels to keep the RRP as is. 

Our all female cast at KATM love what we do and want to continue offering fun labels to the sewing community. This is how we can adapt to the current economic conditions.

With 6 labels per pack, we are able to diversify our labels designs and maximise our label designs offerings. Plus, we will be able to maintain steady and consistent stock levels - we don't like selling out of your favs!

~ We've had a considerable amount of feedback from Sewists letting us know that 10 labels per pack is excess. We are now able to offer more variety in our label collection. Quite a few of new packs will include fun variations of the label design. 

Q. Why change to a plastic option in lieu of cardboard packaging ?

A. Reusability & Elevating the labels in a practical way.

~ We designed around 4 different cardboard packaging prototypes that enabled the labels to be seen. In the end, any cardboard option that includes a clear window cannot be recycled. And foil printing included. The existing stickers on the cream cardboard packs render these packs also un-recyclable. All the other cardboard/ plastic window prototypes are ultimately are single use. 

 ~ We are very open to finding a more sustainable option that is economical in the future that ticks all the boxes, we're here for it for the next packaging evolution. 

~ The new resealable packs are super soft and can be reused for your labels, buttons, machine needles, tampons... anything that will fit! And they will keep your labels dust free.

~ Commercial packaging has to tick a lot of boxes. It needs to display barcodes, business addresses, number of items within the pack, materials etc. When we bought our bulk cardboard packs 3 years ago, we had to determine all of these details and accept that they would be set in stone once printed. The new packs allow for versatility for the range of labels, commercial information for our wholesalers and many other requirements we must meet as a business. 

~ You can now see what you're buying. This is the most practical solution.


Please reach out to us at hello@kylieandthemachine.com.au should you have any further questions!

Kyile x


Custom packaging allows for a unique and enjoyable unboxing experience, creating a positive impression and increasing customer satisfaction.

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