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Opening The Advent Calendar

Opening The Advent Calendar


If you have come to this page it's because you are opening your Advent Calendar windows which is VERY exciting! Just in case you weren't sure how best to do this, we have put a step-by-step guide together for you. 

Step 1: Find a handy poking device, i.e. a seam ripper!

Step 2: Poke the window tab, where perforation is.

Step 3: Pull at window tab to continue opening the window.

Step 4: You will now see a seal (some are white, some are purple) - you just need to poke it and tear it away.

Now you can see the labels inside! 

**Note: The seal is to protect the labels and prevent them sneaking into other windows. You don't need to be too delicate when removing it, just get a good handle on it and tear off.