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We are so delighted to bring you Ep #8 of Sewing Club Podcast, just as we're starting to get cosy here in the Southern hemisphere! There's definitely been a season change and our wardrobes were crying out for a snugly and comforting project. Step in, the Pekka Jacket. 

Pattern: Pekka Jacket by Ready To Sew 

Size: 32  (the smallest size)

Fabric Outer: Cotton-Rayon Jacquard + Cotton up-cycled Easton Pearson skirt

Fabric Lining: Liberty Tana Lawn (sold out colour way) from The Fabric Store

Featured Labels: 'Capsule Collection' and 'Quality Shit

Gem and I chose the Pekka jacket because we liked the idea of the open chore style jacket with big pockets. We wanted to make something wintery but also simple; a full coat was out of the question and I knew this style of jacket would be easy to wear as a throw-on, lightweight piece for when you need an extra layer and a quick-ish sew! 

Sometimes you end up with a patch-work of fabrics when you realise you don't have enough of any one fabric to make a whole garment. And that's not a bad thing! I had a beautiful cotton-rayon fabric from Blackbird Fabrics in my stash that was just the right thickness but not quite enough for the whole thing. I also had a pre-loved Easton Pearson skirt (Australian Designer), gifted to me by a friend who was very keen to see it made into something new! The skirt was white and black originally so I decided to dye it black - however it came out navy despite dyeing it twice with two different dye brands! However, the end result of navy + black with the different textures works well.
As for the construction, it was a dream to sew together! The pocket is really well supported, unlike a patch pocket, because it's being sandwiched between two seams. There's no overlocker needed; you just do the outer and then the lining and bag it out as the final step. It's a satisfying sew when you can start and finish something in a day - minus the cutting! 
I shortened the pattern by 8cm so that meant I had to manually adjust every single pattern piece. No regrets, but the cutting took forever. The only other mod I made was to create a smaller internal pocket to keep my phone and keys close by. I always lose things out of big open pockets! I also added a hanging loop out of some spare bias tape I had on hand. 
In the very beginnings of Ready To Sew used the standard French sizing as designer, Raphaelle, was taught. When she realised this wasn't inclusive enough she went back and redid the size charts and blocks to include more sizes, with a yet more expanded sizing range coming out in the future. I made the smallest size of the Pekka Jacket, and based on my height in comparison to the drafted height, it made sense that I shorten it - the final length is perfect. 


You can listen to Sewing Club Podcast Episode #8 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Audible (insert other favourite poddy platform). Here you'll find all the show notes and we'll reveal the pattern for Episode #9, so do join with us in sewing along at home! 

Be sure to check out Gem's cosy quilted Pekka Jacket over at Sewing Gem 

Want to sew your very own Pekka Jacket? Get a whopping 25% OFF the pattern with code: SEWINGCLUBPODCAST 

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