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It's that time again friends! Ep #9 of Sewing Club Podcast is officially out in the world and it's chock full of sewing fun times! You might have seen the Hope Dress around the place, it's become a tried-and-true pattern for many sewists, and we can see why!

Pattern: Hope Dress by Style Arc 

Size: 4 

Fabric: 'Big Spot' Midweight Linen in Ebony from The Fabric Store

Featured Labels: 'Circa 2024

Gem and I chose the Hope Dress because we wanted to try out Style Arc patterns for this episode. They have such a huge library of patterns available and we wanted to highlight a local (Australian) company on the podcast. We were in the mood for an easy wearing dress and the Hope Dress is loved by sewists around the world! 

I've made this dress a couple of times before so I knew what I was getting into. Since the last time I made the dress the new expansion pack has been released and it comes with three additional bodices and sleeves; lots of options! Unfortunately I didn't buy enough of this gorgeous fabric to make the original sleeve so I decided to make the 'lantern' sleeve from the expansion pack. I chose the midi length as it's my favourite dress length for this style of dress.  

The actual sewing was super quick and because I'd made this before I decided to challenge myself by reading through the instructions once more and then ploughing through the dress without them. Two and a half later it was finished in time to rush out the door and pick my kids up from school. To make the process quicker, I left out the button closure on the back since I knew from previous makes my head would fit through without it. 

To speed up the sew I also omitted the pockets (which I may add in patch form again later). I made a size 4 which is my actual size, but compared to the previous size 6 that I made, it's actually a little hard to get over my upper body. Next time I would possibly add an invisible side zip... 

I really like this new sleeve, it's got some pleats and nice volume and plenty of space to move your arms. Because a raglan sleeve, it's super comfy. One thing to note and I've seen this mentioned elsewhere, it it doesn't have a lot of space for bust; the standard pattern is quite snug across the bodice even thought it's loose fitting dress. It is possible to add a full bust adjustment with a raglan sleeve; not a beginner alteration but there are tutorials out there! If I was to make it again for a Summer dress I would add a centre back slit or two side slits for extra breeze and movability when walking. 

 You can listen to Sewing Club Episode #9 on Spotify Apple Podcasts or Audible (insert other favourite poddy platform). Here you'll find all the show notes and we'll reveal the pattern for Episode #10, so do join with us in sewing along at home! 

Be sure to check out Gem's perfectly summery Hope Dress over at Sewing Gem 

Want to sew your very own Hope Dress? Get 10% OFF the pattern with code: SEWINGCLUBPODCAST 

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